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Lego Ninjago Sets

Lego Ninjago Sets

  • Lego Ninjago has a wide range of sets available, featuring various vehicles, locations, and characters from the Ninjago universe. 

Destiny's Bounty

  • This iconic set features the ninja's main headquarters, Destiny's Bounty, a large ship that can be transformed into a playset with multiple levels and hidden compartments.

  •  It typically includes minifigures of the main ninja characters and various accessories.

Lego Ninjago Sets

Ultra Dragon

  •  This set allows you to build a mighty dragon with multiple heads, wings, and poseable limbs.

  •  It often includes minifigures of the ninja riding the dragon and a selection of weapons.

Ninjago City:

  •  A massive modular set depicting a bustling cityscape from the Ninjago world.

  •  It consists of multiple levels, buildings, and shops, providing a detailed environment for creative play. 

Lego Ninjago Sets

Spinjitzu Spinners

  • These smaller sets focus on the spinning battle technique known as Spinjitzu. 

  • Each set includes a spinner, a minifigure ninja, and various accessories for engaging in Spinjitzu battles.

Temple of Airjitzu

  • A grand temple set with a Japanese-inspired design. 

  • It includes detailed architecture, a bridge, and surrounding landscape elements.

Ninjago City Docks:

  •  An expansion set that can be combined with Ninjago City

  • It adds additional structures, a harbor, boats, and more minifigures, expanding the cityscape and providing new play opportunities.

Fire Temple

  • This set features a fiery temple structure and various play features.

  •  It often includes a dragon, a selection of minifigures, and fire-themed accessories.

Lego Ninjago 


  • Lego Ninjago features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. 

Lego Ninjago Sets


  • The red ninja of fire. Kai is the hotheaded and impulsive leader of the team.

  •  He is known for his fiery personality and is skilled in wielding fire-based weapons.

Lego Ninjago Sets


  • The blue ninja of lightning. Jay is the witty and intelligent member of the team.

  •  He possesses the power of lightning and is known for his inventiveness and mechanical skills.


  • The black ninja of earth. Cole is the strong and dependable member of the team. 

  • He has the ability to control earth and is often portrayed as the team's rock, both physically and emotionally.


  • The white ninja of ice. Zane is the calm and analytical member of the team. 

  • He has the power to manipulate ice and is often seen as the logical thinker and problem solver.

Lloyd Garmadon 

  • The green ninja. Lloyd is the son of the main villain, Lord Garmadon, but eventually becomes the chosen hero and leader of the team. 

  • He possesses the power of energy and is known for his growth and development throughout the series.


  • The ninja of water. Nya is the sister of Kai and a skilled fighter in her own right. 

  • She is often portrayed as strong-willed and independent, and she can control water and summon elemental dragons.

Sensei Wu

  • The wise and elderly mentor of the ninja. Sensei Wu guides the team and provides them with valuable advice and training. 

  • He is a master of Spinjitzu and is often portrayed as the father figure to the ninja.

These are just a few of the main characters in the Lego Ninjago universe. 

There are many more supporting characters, allies, and villains that add depth and excitement to the Ninjago storylines. "

Lego Ninjago 


Lego Ninjago sets often feature dragons, which are an integral part of the Ninjago universe. 

The Ultra Dragon: 

  • This set allows you to build a powerful and majestic dragon with four heads, wings, and poseable limbs. 

  • The Ultra Dragon is often associated with the Green Ninja, Lloyd, and is a symbol of his power and leadership.

Fire Dragon Attack

  • This set includes a fearsome fire dragon with movable wings, tail, and limbs. 

  • It typically includes minifigures of the ninja and their adversaries, providing an exciting battle scene.

Ice Dragon Attack

  • Similar to the Fire Dragon Attack set, this one features an ice dragon with movable parts. 

  • It often includes minifigures of the ninja and enemies, allowing for thrilling ice-themed battles.

Earth Driller:

  •  While not a traditional dragon, the Earth Driller set includes a drill vehicle that can transform into a dragon-like creature.

  •  It typically includes minifigures of the ninja and villains, adding an element of adventure and action.

Lego Ninjago Sets


  •  This set features a lightning dragon named Stormbringer, associated with the Blue Ninja, Jay. 

  • The dragon has movable wings, legs, and a minifigure cockpit. It often comes with Jay's minifigure and lightning-themed accessories.


  • This set introduces the Firstbourne dragon, a mighty creature associated with the leader of the dragon hunters, Iron Baron.

  •  The dragon has movable wings, a minifigure saddle, and includes minifigures of the ninja and dragon hunter characters.


" These are just a few examples of Lego Ninjago dragon sets. The dragons in Ninjago often play important roles in the storylines, acting as allies, mounts, or opponents for the ninja. 

They provide exciting building experiences and enhance the imaginative play within the Ninjago world."

Lego Ninjago Sets


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