Jamie foxx movies : jamie foxx net worth, wife and height

Jamie foxx movies:

  • Jamie Foxx, a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry, has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema. With his remarkable acting skills, versatility, and ability to bring characters to life,

  •  Foxx has captivated audiences throughout his career. In this article, we will explore some of Jamie Foxx movies, showcasing his exceptional range and the profound impact he has made on the film industry.

Jamie foxx movies

"Ray" (2004):

  • One of Jamie Foxx's most iconic performances came in the biographical drama "Ray.

  • " In this film, Foxx portrays the legendary musician Ray Charles with astonishing authenticity and depth. His portrayal earned him critical acclaim and numerous accolades, including the Academy Award for Best Actor.

  •  Foxx's transformative performance not only captured the essence of Ray Charles but also showcased his ability to embody complex characters. 🔥👑

Collateral" (2004):

  • The 2nd jamie foxx movies. In the gripping thriller "Collateral," Foxx stars alongside Tom Cruise, delivering a standout performance as Max, a cab driver who unwittingly becomes involved in a nightmarish scenario. 

  • Foxx's portrayal of Max, an everyday man caught in extraordinary circumstances. 

Miami vice ( 2006 )

  • Foxx's character, Detective Ricardo Tubbs, is a dedicated and experienced detective with a no-nonsense approach to his work. 

  • He forms a strong partnership with Crockett as they infiltrate the criminal underworld to bring down a powerful drug lord.

Django Unchained" (2012):

  • Foxx's collaboration with director Quentin Tarantino in the Western drama "Django Unchained" resulted in another remarkable performance. 

  • In the film, Foxx portrays Django, a freed slave seeking to rescue his wife from a brutal plantation owner.

  •  Foxx's portrayal combines strength, vulnerability, and a sense of justice, bringing depth and complexity to the character

The Pursuit of Happyness" (2006):

  • In this inspiring true story, Jamie Foxx takes on a supporting role, alongside Will Smith. Foxx plays Chris Gardner's mentor, offering guidance and wisdom. 

  • Foxx's portrayal is both compassionate and impactful, bringing an essential element of mentorship to the film. Although a supporting role, his performance leaves a lasting impressions.❤️‍🔥

Jamie foxx net worth

The Amazing Spider Man 2 (2014)

  • In "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," Jamie Foxx portrays the character Max Dillon, also known as Electro. Released in 2014, the film is the second installment in the "The Amazing Spider-Man" franchise, directed by Marc Webb.

  •  Foxx's character, Max Dillon, starts as a socially awkward electrical engineer who gains superpowers after an accident involving electric eels. He transforms into the powerful and formidable supervillain Electro, with the ability to control and manipulate electricity.

Baby Driver" (2017):

  • The best Jamie foxx movies. In the action-packed crime film "Baby Driver," Foxx showcases his versatility by taking on the role of Bats, a ruthless and unpredictable criminal. 

  • Foxx's portrayal adds intensity and a touch of dark humor to the character, contributing to the film's overall energy. His ability to infuse charisma and menace into Bats highlights his range as an actor and his talent for embracing diverse roles.

Robin Hood ( 2018 ) 

  • The movie takes a fresh spin on the classic Robin Hood story. Foxx's portrayal of Little John brings depth and charisma to the character, offering a strong ally to Robin Hood throughout their fight against tyranny.

Day Shift ( 2022 ):

  • Day Shift is an urban fantasy, action-comedy flick that leans into vampire-hunting horror. 

  • Foxx’s character is no longer part of the hunter’s union after his penchant for making his own rules got him cast out.

Jamie foxx show 🔥👑

In Living Color" (1991-1994):

  • Jamie Foxx gained early recognition as a cast member on the sketch comedy show "In Living Color."

  •  His comedic talent and amazing 🤩 were showcased through various characters and sketches, making him a fan favorite during his time on the show.

The Jamie Foxx Show" (1996-2001):

Jamie foxx shows

  • The Jamie Foxx Show" was a sitcom that aired for five seasons. Foxx starred as Jamie King 👑, an aspiring musician who works at his aunt and uncle's hotel while pursuing his dreams. 

  • The show provided a platform for Foxx to display his comedic timing and musical abilities.

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Horrible Bosses" (2011-2012):

  • While not a traditional television show, Jamie Foxx made a memorable guest appearance in two episodes of the TV adaptation of the film "Horrible Bosses." 

  • He portrayed Dean "Motherf***er" Jones, a criminal who assists the main characters in their misadventures.

White Famous" (2017):

  • "White Famous" was a comedy series in which Jamie Foxx served as an executive producer. While he did not appear as a regular cast member, 

  • Foxx made a guest appearance as himself in one episode, offering guidance to the protagonist, an up-and-coming comedian navigating the challenges of fame.

Sherman's Showcase" (2019):

  • Jamie Foxx made a guest appearance on the musical sketch comedy series "Sherman's Showcase." 

  • He played the character of Marvin Gaye, participating in a skit that paid homage to the legendary musician.

Jamie foxx wife:

  • Foxx has never married and he believes that the kind of traditional lifestyle that comes with matrimony isn't for him. 

  • His most notable long-term relationship was with actress and model Katie Holmes, which reportedly ended in 2019.

Jamie foxx height:

  • Jamie Foxx was born on December 13, 1967. As for jamie foxx height

  • he is reported to be around 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall.

Jamie foxx net worth:

  • Jamie Foxx, the versatile actor, comedian, and musician, has amassed significant wealth throughout his successful career, Jamie Foxx net worth is estimated to be around $170 million.

  •  Foxx has achieved immense success through his acclaimed performances in films like "Ray," which earned him an Academy Award, and his involvement in various high-grossing projects. 

  • Additionally, he has pursued a successful music career, releasing chart-topping albums.


Q1: How many movies has Jamie Foxx been in?

A1: Jamie Foxx has appeared in numerous movies throughout his career. While the exact count may vary, 

he has been involved in over 60 films to date, showcasing his versatility as an actor across various genres.

Q2: Has Jamie Foxx won any awards for his movie performances?

A2: Yes, Jamie Foxx has received critical acclaim and several prestigious awards for his performances in movies.

 Notably, he won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Ray Charles in the biographical film "Ray" (2004).

Q3: What are some of Jamie Foxx's most memorable movie roles?

A3: Jamie Foxx has delivered remarkable performances in numerous films. Some of his most memorable roles include Ray Charles in "Ray" (2004), Max in "Collateral" (2004), Django in "Django Unchained" (2012), and Bats in "Baby Driver" (2017), among others.

Q4: Does Jamie Foxx only act in movies, or has he worked in other areas of filmmaking?

A4: While primarily known for his acting career, Jamie Foxx has also ventured into other aspects of filmmaking. 

He has served as a producer on projects like "White Famous" (2017) and has been involved in writing and directing in some instances.


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