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Eddie Stranger things

  • When Stranger Things Season 4 dropped, no one could have anticipated the way Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) would take over the internet. 

  • But from the very first episode, he had captured everyone’s hearts and became a quick fan favorite. He, unfortunately, met a tragic fate by the season’s end, breaking the hearts of viewers who had grown to love him.

  •  But even though we saw him fall victim to the Demobats, some fans believe it’s not the last we’ll see of Eddie, and there’s one theory in particular that remains a hot topic within the fandom.

Eddie Stranger things

  • Season 4 introduced Eddie as a student at Hawkins High and the leader of the Hellfire Club, a Dungeon’s and Dragon’s group. 

  • He also was a member of the band Corroded Coffin in which he played electric guitar, and became close friends with Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo) specifically. 

  • At first, it seemed as though Eddie was nothing more than a side character, one intended to provide drama or scares, or simply build the world of Stranger Things even further. 

  • However, after witnessing the murder of Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien) at the hands of Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), it quickly became clear that Eddie was going to play a much bigger role in the season than we expected. 

  • Due to Chrissy’s death taking place in Eddie’s trailer, he became the number one suspect in the case. He wasn’t responsible, of course, but the people of Hawkins are obviously programmed to disregard things like creatures from other dimensions — it’s just too far-fetched. But nothing in Hawkins is too far-fetched and Eddie learned that firsthand.

Eddie Stranger things

  • After going on the run from the police and the entire town who believes he killed Chrissy, Eddie is taken under the wing of our main Stranger Kids and is thrust into the world of the Upside Down and its monsters.

  •  Ultimately, this is how he meets his fate. While he and the group are in the Upside Down, swarmed by otherworldly creatures, he shreds out a masterful rendition of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” to create a diversion and save his friends. 

  • It was unfortunate to see him die, no matter how heroically he went out. Sure, we’ll be getting an official prequel novel later this year, but due to what is known as the "Kas Theory," fans believe this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing him on Stranger Things.

  • It’s been nearly a year since the last Stranger Things finale, and we’re still not over the death of Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson.

  •  In a glorious sequence, the teenage metalhead shredded Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” on his electric guitar in the Upside Down before a swarm of Demobats got to him. 

  • But we have to wonder whether or not the Duffer Brothers really killed off the fan-favorite character for good ahead of Stranger Things Season 5.

Eddie Munson Stranger 

things Death

  • A brief refresher, in case you missed some details through your tears (same!): during the Hawkins crew’s mission to lure Vecna out and kill him. 

  • Dustin and Eddie were tasked with decoy duty. “If things here start to go south — I mean at all — you abort, OK? Draw the attention of the bats, keep them busy for a minute or two, we’ll take care of everything,” Steve tells the pair. “Don’t try to be cute, or be a hero, or something, OK?”

  • Well, that turned out to be a lie! After Steve, Nancy, and Robin get caught up in Vecna’s vines, Eddie decides to buy more than a minute or two for his friends — he keeps the bats at bay by luring them away and confronting them head-on.

Eddie Stranger things

  • When Dustin finds him, he’s heartbroken to see that the Hellfire Club leader is about to die from his bat injuries. Eddie, though, is just proud of himself for being brave: “I didn’t run away this time, right?”

  • He also tells Dustin that “You’re gonna have to look after those little sheep for me,” as he’s (sob!) planning to graduate. “I think it’s my year, Henderson. I think it’s finally my year. I love you man.”

Eddie Stranger things
  • Dustin says “I love you, too,” before Eddie dies in his arms.


How old is Eddie Stranger things

  • Eddie Munson was estimated to be 21 years old during the events of season 4, as he has failed his final year of High School multiple times. 

  • Eddie Munson was a main character in season four of the hit show Stranger Things.

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